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custom hardwood design

Custom Design

Breathing new life into your rooms and hallways, a new hardwood floor adds more warmth and character to your home, and enhances its value and beauty for generations to come.

After working with hardwood floors for over fifteen years, we know our showroom helps prospective customers envision how their own space will look and, combined with a visit to your home, we guarentee you will be delighted with the style and elegance of your new hardwood floor.

hardwood floor installation


Our team of expert flooring specialists can help you create the floor that defines your style and decorating needs. Our free on-site consultation will allow us to walk you through the many different species of wood and various installation techniques to add excitement to your floors.

The right installation method will vary based on the type of subfloor your home has, which in most cases would be plywood or concrete. This will help determine which installation options you have: Nail Down, Glue Down, or Free-Floating.

hardwood refinishing


Orange Coast Hardwood Floors can make your existing floors beautiful again.

We can repair water damaged areas, termite damage, pet stains, and other defects that keep your floors from looking their best. The refinishing process involves removing the upper most layer of wood from your floor, then smoothing and sealing the newly exposed surface.

Our expert flooring specialists use revolutionary dust containment sanding equipment, which eliminates dust produced by the sanding process before it becomes airborne. Not only do these systems facilitate a better working environment, they also limit dust clean up. Higher quality finish results are achieved with the elimination of airborne dust that could settle and contaminate the finish as finishing coats dry.

However, because no system is 100% effective and light dust is inevitable, Orange Coast Hardwood Floors will tape and plastic off all adjacent areas and help cover any belongings that could be effected.

subfloor repair


Before any new wood is delivered to the job site, time should be taken to carefully inspect the subfloor and fix any problems that could affect your installation. The industry mantra is that all subfloors should be clean, dry and flat before wood flooring goes down. Once the inspection is completed, the specialists at Orange Coast Hardwood Floors will communicate any repairs that need to be done.