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What Our Clients Say

  • " Orange Coast Hardwood Floor's owner, Glenn and his employees were extremely professional and courteous. Our finished kitchen floor is beautiful.

    I highly recommend their services. "

    Daniel J., Fullerton, CA
    (ServiceMagic 5 Star Rating)

  • " Glenn's team . . . were rock stars, took pride in their work, worked well with other contractors . . . made our floors look better than new! . . . like a different house . . . They even worked Easter Sunday to make our deadline. That is dedication. A+++ "

    Corinne D., Huntington Beach, CA
    (ServiceMagic 5 Star Rating)

  • " From the estimate with Glenn, to his hardworking and professional team, I am very happy with the job they performed.

    They brought my wood floor back to life! "

    A Customer, Stanton, CA
    (ServiceMagic 5 Star Rating)

hardwood installation Before the work begins, we ask that you remove as much of your personal belongings as possible, such as light furnishings, curtains, wall and floor decor, and any other items from the room that may be affected.

We don't mind helping with larger items — space will need to be provided.

On occasion, we will need to access the backyard to hook up power for sanding equipment and ask that you provide accommodations for your pets during the job.

  • Move your breakables, electronics, and valuables to an area away from the rooms where we will be working.
  • Remove wall hangings in the rooms having work done, as well as adjacent rooms and areas below.
  • Secure light fixtures and glass globes in the areas below the rooms having wood installed, as these items may become loose due to the vibrations of the installation.
  • hardwood refinishing Make certain your pets are in a secure area of the house, or take them to a friend or neighbor's house. OCHF will not be responsible if your pet escapes.
  • Although most cutting is takes place outside your home, some cutting, such as the undercutting of door jambs, or removal of existing flooring must be done inside. This may create dust during the installation.
  • Make certain to notify someone at OCHF if your home has had any standing water issues in the weeks before the scheduled installation date. This is important to prevent any wood expansion issues in the future due to water absorption. Even if your floor looks and feels dry it may still be holding excessive moisture, which can be very harmful to the hardwood flooring installed on top of it.
  • We will need access to a 220 volt receptacle for our sanding equipment. These receptacles are commonly used for dryers and ovens or the fuse panel. We ask that these areas be made available to us even if work is not going to be completed in those rooms.
  • hardwood refinishing We will do all that we can to keep a safe environment while working in your home, but we ask for your assistance with keeping children and pets away from the work areas due to the sharp objects and power tools we must use.
  • You may notice slight color variations due to mineral content and different grain patterns from board to board and in trim pieces. These variances are natural in an organic product. They are considered normal and are not deemed as defects.
  • If you are adding on to an existing floor there may be color and patina variations depending on the age of the existing floor. The new floor usually blends in overtime with exposure and use.
  • If your new flooring is pre-finished hardwood, you may use it immediately after installation. There is no need to wait before moving your furniture, rugs, and accessories back in to the rooms.

Please keep pets and children away from the work area for at least 8 hours after application. Finishes require cure time, although they may appear dry on the surface it is best not to lay rugs back down for at least 10 days.

Once your new wood floors have dried, you can return the furniture to the room. We recommend that you put felt pads on the legs or bottoms of all furniture pieces in order to prevent scratches and dents in your new hardwood floor. Orange Coast Hardwood Floors can provide these pads with installation for a minimal charge.

hardwood refinishing Once you have decided to refinish your hardwood floors, you will need to know what to expect before, during, and after the process. This will help to ensure you are receiving the best quality process and finishing product for your floor each step of the way.

Refinishing your wood floors will dramatically improve the appearance of your home and give your floors new life at a far lower cost than replacement — but with any home improvement you should expect some inconveniences. We will employ our experience, the latest equipment and the most environmentally safe materials to complete the work with the least disruption.

hardwood refinishing Our expert technicians use revolutionary dust containment sanding equipment, which eliminates dust produced by floor sanding equipment before it becomes airborne. Higher quality finish results are achieved with the elimination of airborne dust that could settle and contaminate the finish as finishing coats dry. Although we do our best to contain the dust in adjacent areas with plastic and tape; no system is 100% effective and light dust is inevitable. It is still a good idea to cover any belongings you would like to keep clean and dust-free.

A typical refinishing job (approximately 1,000 square feet) takes about two days for sanding and one day for staining. On the fourth day, the first application of finish is applied to the floor. After the floor is dry, the process starts again with two more coats of finish to completely seal the floor. When the work is completed you may need to touch-up the base and shoe molding. Any painting should always follow floor sanding work.

Here are a few things you should NOT EXPECT of a custom finished floor:

  • A Table Top Finish
    Each piece of wood flooring sands differently depending on its grain type. Plain or quartered make it virtually impossible for a completely flat surface.
  • Dust Free Finish
    It is not possible to achieve a "clean room" finish. Some dust will fall onto the freshly applied topcoat. Some brush marks may appear in the final coat.
  • A Monochromatic Floor
    Wood, as a natural product and being milled from trees, varies from piece to piece and will have grain and color variations consistent with the grade and species of flooring selected.
  • hardwood refinishingA Floor Will Not Indent
    In spite of the term "hardwood", wood flooring will indent under the pressure of high heels (especially heels in need of repair). The finish that is applied will not prevent dents.
  • Walls
    There are times when nicks and scratches will happen to the walls and we will do our best in preventing this. Especially along your baseboards you should expect to have some touch-up painting to do after the floor is completed.
  • Floors Without Cracks Between The Boards, Or With The Parquet Pieces
    Although the floor might start out tight together, wood products continue to absorb and release moisture. This natural process will cause the floor to expand and contract from season to season - resulting in cracks between some of the pieces in your floor. Some stain colors will show this process more than others.